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Take control over rising energy costs.

In recent years, solar panels have become an increasingly popular option for homeowners who want to generate their own energy and reduce their carbon footprint. However, what many homeowners don’t realize is that installing solar panels can also add value to their home. Right now, powering your home is a liability. In the drop-downs below, we will explore how through Dominion Energy’s Net Metering Program, solar panels save on average $25,000.00 after 20 years by reducing your monthly energy expenses on Day-1 and turning the money you spend to power your home, into an investment that adds value to your property.

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3.59% – 10.59% APR

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Roof Inspection

Our installer makes sure your roof and electrical system are ready for installation.

The cost of electricity more than tripled since 1980. (+200%)

In order to meet global demand, power companies have to expand rapidly. But most of the worlds power grids are over 100 years old, and require a significant amount of maintenance/money to operate before considering the TENS of BILLIONS power companies are required to spend annually on solar and wind. This creates a situation where wealthy countries use all the power and money for themselves, leaving impoverished nations without the energy they need to continue developing. If the trend continues, access to energy will continue to dwindle, economic divides between nations will get worse, and the cost of electricity will continue to increase exponentially, leaving families across the globe with less opportunity (money) to create a better future for themselves.

Coal, Oil & Natural Gas

Around 65% of traditional electricity is lost in transmission.

As the population continues to increase, so does the amount of electricity that needs to be produced in order to meet demand. The problem is around 2/3’s of that power is lost before it reaches your home.

With solar panels, the electricity produced on your roof only is sent directly to your net meter.

solar is the most efficient option

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