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Director of Operations

Justus Strickland

Director of Operations

Plexsolar LLC is an independent authorized dealer in partnership with Freedom Forever. With over 800,000 installations across 30 states, the service, quality and reliability we offer to our clients is unmatched.

Our Difference

Powering your home with a solar panel system requires more than just installing your panels. As with any investment, you want peace of mind, knowing your system will continue to power your home for the long haul.

The issue homeowners experience when going solar is a lack of reliability on behalf of the company that sold the system. From misleading installation time frames to unresponsive representatives, the solar industry has been plagued with bad customer service.

Our team vetted multiple manufactures and installation crews to determine which partnership would best serve our clients before during and after installation. The winner in all categories is Freedom Forever.

All-in-one Service

Although most solar companies offer 25 year production guarantees, location matters. If your panels require routine maintenance, and you live to far outside of a service area, getting your system repaired could take months.

If your warranty is spread across multiple different manufactures, you will more than likely have difficulty contacting which party is responsible when it comes time to service. This is an issue that needed to be resolved.

Freedom Forever Manufactures, installs, monitors and warranties your solar panels. That means if anything were to happen to your solar panel system, our technicians will be notified immediately and your system will be back up and running in no time at all. With warehouses across 30 states, quick repairs and peace of mind are guaranteed.

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